Jungyeom Kim (김준겸)

I’m Jungyeom Kim from Korea University. Currently, I am majoring in computer science. My main interest is abstract interpretation and static analysis. In addition to the programming language, there is a lot of interest in algorithms, data structures, problem-solving, and competitive programming.

[Curriculum Vitae (CV)]

Educational Background

  • 2024.03 ~ Present - M.S. of Computer Science, Korea University
  • 2020.03 ~ 2024.02 - B.S. of Computer Science and Mathematics, Korea University

Honors & Awards

  • ACM-ICPC Seoul Regional 2020 7th place
  • ACM-ICPC Seoul Regional 2021 14th place
  • ACM-ICPC World Finalist 2021
  • Google Hash Code 2020 Preliminary 61st Place (2nd Place of South Korea)
  • Google Hash Code 2021 Preliminary 55th Place (4th Place of South Korea)

Contact Information

Please contact at kimjg1199lock [at] gmail.com or kimjg1119 [at] korea.ac.kr.